About Image Builders

Here is a brief description of my career to date.


At the age of 13 my love for joinery was becoming evident as I was spending most weekends being taught by my father [an established and respected piano maker] the fine art of building and constructing upright pianos at ‘Zenders’ piano company in Hackney.


When I left school, I moved on to 'Barratt & Robinsons' in Haringey, where I was taught grand piano making by a wonderful 84 year old man who taught me his wealth of skills and knowledge.  At the same time, I was also attending the London College of Furniture in Aldgate East.


By the age of 21 I appeared on an ‘Open University’ educational film showing the construction of a grand piano.  No machinery was used in the fine art of piano making and hand tools were the order of the day - this has proved invaluable throughout my career!


I then moved on to the Construction industry and in 1975 Image Builders was formed as a family business, working mainly in central London.


Over the next twenty five years we completed major construction projects, working with some of London’s top architects and design companies.


We have gradually built up a team of highly skilled, hard-working, trustworthy individuals, who have been a pleasure to work with.